Documents and information

Utility patents (for inventions)

1.Information on patentsdoc_brevets_en.htmSteps, procedures and costs
2.Guide to begin the stepsdoc_guide_en.htmUseful tips for preparing the required documentation on the invention
3.Filing strategiesdoc_strategies_en.htmComparison between direct national filing of applications versus filing of an international PCT application
4.The "PCT"doc_schema_PCT_en.htmDiagram of the PCT procedures
5.PCT member Statesdoc_etats_PCT_en.htmList of the States, countries or regions covered by the filing of a PCT application
6.Filing requirementsdoc_exigences_brevet_CA_en.htmFiling requirements for patent applications in Canada >> especially addressed to our foreign associates / clients
7.Small entity Declaration for Canadadoc_decl_PE_CA_en.htmSmall entity Declaration form in Canada

Industrial designs (models)

8.Information on industrial designsdoc_dessins_indust_en.htmSteps, procedures and costs
9.Filing requirementsdoc_exigences_dessin_CA_en.htmFiling requirements for applications for registration of industrial designs in Canada >> especially addressed to our foreign associates / clients

Other information documents

10. Integrated Circuit Topographies (external link to the CIPO website)external linkInformation, procedures, legislation and forms