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Protection of an intellectual asset involves both legal and technical aspects. Every detail counts and may make a crucial difference in the extent and value of the protection obtained. We know it and offer only the best.

Our attention to details and our rigor in the execution of the work entrusted to us contribute to our firm's reputation.

Our wide knowledge of the protection regimes and the legal procedures as well as our scientific, technical and technological knowledge are assets available to you. Take advantage of our know-how.




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  • Batteries
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  • Electronics
  • Information technology (I.T.)
  • Computer/software technology
  • Telecommunications
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  • Physics
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  • Robotics
  • Industrial techniques
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  • Transportation
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  • Other technical fields

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Call upon MORIN IP/PI and its worldwide network of associates for the protection of your intellectual property in Canada and abroad. For patenting an invention, registering an industrial design, analyzing infringement or checking the validity of an intellectual property right, you can count on our expertise for an outstanding service. Make an appointment today.

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