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For navigating on our website

To navigate on our website, please select the topic of your interest in the left section of the screen.

Click on Home or the MORIN IP/PI logo at the top left corner of the screen to return to the initial home page.

You may also use the back and forward buttons of your web browser to go back to a previous page or go to an already visited page ahead.

For printing a page

To print a page on our website, you may use the print button of your web browser or the print button on the top right side of the page, and chose the desired printing options.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, some minor page layout adjustments may be required. We suggest using the print preview function before printing the page.

To print a pdf document(Acrobat Reader™) inside a page (which has been opened by clicking on the pdf icon pdf), please be sure to use the print button of the Acrobat Reader™ application (or other pdf viewer application that you use) instead of the print button of your web browser. The print button to use should be located in the toolbar adjoining the pdf document window.

Viewing of our website

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